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The image is a sum of twenty-four 5 minute exposures with an Astro-Physics 130 Starfire GT
located at the Red Observatory. The camera was an SBIG ST-4000xcm.
The scope is mounted on an AP 1200 mount.
The AP 1200 is mounted on a Pier-Tech 3 Adjustable Telescope Pier within a Star Traveler Mobile Observatory.
The image was collected using dither guiding with 6 second guide exposures and a 30 sec delay between images.
The image was collected using Equinox Image.
The image was processed using the 64 bit version of iCCD.
A few dust spots on the CCD could not be fixed with a flat field. My last attempt at the M27 can be found here.
It is really amazing what an observatory can do for you. I collected 9 images from May 2006 to Oct 2011. I have 8 images from Oct 2011 to Aug 2012 when the observatory became operational.