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The top image is a sum of thirty-one 1 minute exposures with a Tak TOA-130F
located at the Red Observatory. The scope was equipped with an SBIG STL-4000xcm.
The scope is mounted on an AP 1200 mount.
The AP 1200 is mounted on a Pier-Tech 3 Adjustable Telescope Pier within a Star Traveler Mobile Observatory.
There were high wispy clouds and it was pretty cold.
The image was guided with the interal guider at 10 sec intervals. The image was collected using Equinox Image.
The image was processed using the 64 bit version of iCCD.
The bottom two images indicate the location of M42 and come from a plate solve at
M42 is better known as The Great Orion Nebula. The Orion Nebula is approximately 24 light years across.
It is located approximately 1350 light years from the earth.
The gas that gives rise to the beautiful nebula will be ejected over the next 100000 years, leaving behind an open cluster.