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March 8, 2008

This image of M42 was collected using the GRAS001 telescope. This remote image was collected from my iPhone. Many universities are considering providing their students with either iPhones or iPod touches. This clearly shows the utility of the touch based devices in education.

The camera was an SBIG St-10. The scope was a TAK Mewlon 300. To our knowledge this was the first astroimage taken where the image collection was commanded by an iPhone. We modified the server so that it would work directly with the iPhone browser. Others have used vnc on an iPhone to input commands on another computer to collect images, see for example jatobservatory.

The luminance image is the sum of ten 20 second images. The color image is an lrgb image again using a sum of ten 20 second images for the luminance channel. The R, V, and B frams were sums of ten 30 second images. The luminance channel was processed using a Lucy-Richardson deconvolution.