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This image was a combination of my last two M51 images. The two images where taken
about 1 year apart. Both images were collected and processed in iCCD with an SXV-H9C camera. Both images were unguided.
The first image was taken with a Tak Epsilon-160 on an AP1200 mount. The total exposure time on that image was 50 minutes.
The second image was collected with a Tak Epsilon-210 on an NJP mount, again unguided. The exposure time was 48 minutes.
I was just messing around as I ended up combining the images and unfortunately used the reduced size images to create this one.
It looked pretty good so I decided to share it.
The total exposure time on the above image was 98 minutes. I gave the luminance frame a slight Lucy-Richardson deconvolution.
Click the previous button to see my first attempt at M51, about a year ago. Click the next to see the latest image.