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The top image is a sum of eighteen 5 minute exposures with an Astro-Physics 130 Starfire GT
located at the Red Observatory. The scope was equipped with an SBIG STL-4000xcm.
The scope is mounted on an AP 1200 mount.
The AP 1200 is mounted on a Pier-Tech 3 Adjustable Telescope Pier within a Star Traveler Mobile Observatory.
The first is the full color reconstruction. The second image is the synthetic luminance image.
This was first light on the telescope. There was a little bit of field rotation in the 2 hours
needed to collect the images. I need to tweak the polar alignment just a bit.
The image was guided with the interal guider at 10 sec intervals. The rms error was 0.67 pixel.
The image was collected using Equinox Image.
The image was processed using the 64 bit version of iCCD.
i The image is framed a bit oddly to avoid two hot columns that process out of star fields well but not necessarily anything else.
The bottom three images indicate the location of the Leo Triplet and come from a plate solve at
The Leo Triplet consists of M66, M65, and NGC 3628.
It is located approximately 35,000,000 light years from the earth.
My last attempt at the M66 and M65 can be found here.