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The top image is a sum of eighty-five 4 millisecond exposures with a Coronado 90mm Solarmax II filter mounted on an Astro-Physics 130 Starfire GT
located at the Red Observatory. The camera was an Imaging Source DMK 41BF02 firewire camera controlled with AstroIIDC.
The scope is mounted on an AP 1200 mount.
The AP 1200 is mounted on a Pier-Tech 3 Adjustable Telescope Pier within a Star Traveler Mobile Observatory.
This was first light on the Solarmax. Great tech support Meade, no one knew the thread on the filter so it was difficult to make an adapter. Our machinists ended up cutting a M108-1mm thread for the device. Ridiculous that no one at Meade after 5 calls could give me the information. I was promised multiple return calls that never came. Don't think that I will forget that Meade.
The first image was enhanced with a Van Cittert Deconvolution and made into a false color image. I believe Alan Friedman taught me the false color technique. I will have to pay greater attention to his solar processing talks in the future ; ) The second image is a SOHO white light image. It allows one to see where the image actually is taken from off the solar disk.
The third image has the Deconvolution without the false color.
The fourth image shows the raw data before the deconvolution.
The image was aligned and summed from the raw movie data in ASTROIIDC and then final processing completed using the 64 bit version of iCCD.