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This is an LRGB image of M27 the dumbell nebula with a Starlight Express SXV-H9C.

The iCCD software (Mac OS X on a Powerbook G4) was used to collect the image and to do the color processing.

These image is a stack with a total of 27 minute images guided with an SBIG STV.

The rgb images were stacked using the program,

Keith's Image Stacker. Final adjustment was done with Photoshop.

The ddp routine in iCCD was used on the luminance channel.

This image was is the best image to date from my Epsilon 210 f/3 scope on an NJP mount.

I still don't have a good understanding of the system. I still have some trailed stars.

Scope is still a bit miscollimated. Some random really bad images occur.