Jeff Terry's Astrophotos/M42 taken by Alan Chen processed with iCCD

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This set of images was collected by Alan Chen with a SXV-M25 camera.

The iCCD software (Mac OS X on a Powerbook G4) was used to process the series of 15 images.

The top image is the sum of the images with a Lucy-Richardson deconvolution.

The second image is the sum prior to the deconvolution.

These images have been scaled down from the full size of the chip, ~900 by 600 pixels here.

We found that having approximately 45 images in memory bumps up against the 4 GB addressing limitation of a 32 bit processor. iCCD works well though in processing a batch of images where only one is brought into memory at a time.

I would like to thank Alan for providing the images so I could make sure that iCCD would work well with the M25 camera. He was also gracious enough to allow me to share the images with others so I could obtain feedback on the processing.