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This Ring Nebula Image is set up for Macintosh Users.

This image is set up for pc users.

This image of M57, the ring nebula, was collected on my Takahashi E-210 f/3 scope with an SXV-H9C camera.

The iCCD software (Mac OS X on a Powerbook G4) was used to collect the image and to do the color processing.

These images are stacks of a total of 10 minutes of unguided images. The rgb images subexposures

were stacked with Keith's Image Stacker. Final adjustment was done with Photoshop.

The top image has been left at my default gamma setting for mac users and I believe calibrated pc monitors.

The bottom image has been gamma bumped for uncalibrated pc monitors.

I looked at my website on a poor pc monitor and everything looked terrible.

The scope is a out of collimation. Hopefully, next time out I can get it collimated.