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This image of M20, the trifid nebula, was collected on my Takahashi E-210 f/3 scope with an SXV-H9C camera.

The iCCD software (Mac OS X on a Powerbook G4) was used to collect the image and to do the color processing.

These images are stacks of a total of 16 minutes of both unguided and guided with an SBIG STV. The rgb images subexposures.

The images were stacked with Keith's Image Stacker. Final adjustment was done with Photoshop.

Focus changed mildly during the image collection.

I, also, am having some type of vibration problem as well. Many of the supexposures were not usable

due to large variation in star size and shape. I will have to investigate this.

The bottom image shows the best of the subexposures. This three minutes image has the tighest focus and

the least amount of vibration???